Fermentation Workshop

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Fermentation Workshop

from 325.00

Join us at Full Bloom Farm for a beginners fermentation workshop on beautiful Lummi Island with fermentation expert and potter, Hadar Iron, owner of InFerment in Seattle and Elisabeth Marshall chef-farmer of Full Bloom Farm. In this workshop we will make Kimchi using vegetables and solar-evaporated sea salt from the farm.

Included in the price of the ticket is

  • A stunning, one-of-a-kind fermentation vessel glazed with unique ash-glaze, hand-thrown by Hadar Iron of InFerment Studio. Value $200*

  • A full day of hands-on instruction and practice in fermentation methods and techniques as well as a discussion about the rich history of fermentation.

  • Tastes and sips of delicious fermented foods and beverages

  • Lunch of Niçoise Salad prepared by Chef-Farmer Elisabeth Marshall of Full Bloom Farm featuring fresh vegetables and eggs from the farm, local reefnet-caught wild salmon, and sourdough bread and seasonal fruit galettes baked in the wood oven on the farm**

  • Recipe Booklet by Hadar Iron to take home and try new recipes in your new crock

When you leave, you will take home your new fermentation vessel full of fresh, organic fermented kimchi to enjoy at home and a recipe booklet to guide you on your new path to delicious, healthful meals

*Please be aware that while the crock that you receive may be similar to the one pictured, it is hand-thrown and therefore unique. We cannot guarantee that you will receive a specific color or exact shape. Your crock will be one-of-a-kind as Hadar Iron builds each one with care, giving each piece its own personality.

**Please make sure to include any allergens or dietary restrictions on the form when checking out so we can provide alternative options for you, if necessary.

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